About Road Traffic Management Services Ltd.

Road Traffic Management Services Ltd. was established in 2008 in response to the ever increasing need for temporary traffic management on our roads.

We aim to provide traffic management solutions and services to our customers that provide them with comfort and peace of mind by ensuring the temporary traffic management procedures specified or implemented by ourselves on their behalf are in compliance with regulation.

Pictured above Mary Coughlan presenting awards for FAS CSCS Signing, Lighting and Guarding Training completed.

Depending on your traffic management requirements we offer a range of services, from just surveying the site and providing a traffic management plan, to installing, maintaining and removing the scheme. We have a full range of roadwork signs, cones, barriers etc. loaded onboard our custom built sign trailers, thus we can deploy a detailed traffic management scheme or diversion if required to facilitate emergency works take place or enable a road be closed in the occurrence of a road traffic accident.

We have a full range of traffic management equipment available for hire & sale including, Vehicle Activated Traffic Lights, Variable Message Signs, Radio Controlled Stop/Go Signals, Cones, Roadwork Signs, Pedestrian Barriers, Lane Dividers & Traffic Management Trailers.

Should you wish we can also undertake minor road repairs such as pot holes, man hole repairs and road crossings, managing the complete project from start to finish on your behalf.

All our equipment is available for hire or sale thus the next time you require roadwork signs, cones, barriers, contact us for a quote.